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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the massive shift in direction comes after years of targeting by animal right' s activists. the debate peaked after the documentary "blackfish" which told the story of tilicum, the whale that killed trainer dawn brancheau. just this month, seaworld announced tilicum is ill and expected to die soon. and today, the ceo of seaworld acknowleged the pressure that has lead to these massive changes. joel manby: society' s attitude towards these very, very large very majestic animals being , under human care has shifted and it' s a variety of reasons, whether it' s a film legislation, people' s comments on internet. it was just clear to me that we needed to remove this barrier. amanda: the 29 whales already in captivity at seaworld parks, includes seven in orlando, and they will live the remaining lives at the parks. they will eventually be moved to habitats called orca encounters where guests can watch them swim and play.
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stadium seemed resigned to the change. mel endres: as beautiful animal as they are, it is actually a shame that they have to live in that can time meant, so i -- confinement, so i do understand. amanda: seaworld says it' s future direction will focus more on highlighting it' s rescue and rehabilitation work and to provide animal themed amusement like the new mako roller-coaster. meredith: peta is calling on seaworld to release the whales into an ocean sanctuary, but seaworld claims scientific research indicates for whales in captivity, that could be dangerous. jim: a lake county teenager is dead after a fire roared through his family' s home. the flames spread quickly and while 17-year-old trevor ross was rescued from the home, he died at the scene on minneola street. fire investigators say the blaze started in the back, but they have not been able to determine how it started. neighbors were saddened by the loss of a young life. marie winters: it' s hard because i knew him, and i know the
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family. so it just breaks my heart that such a great kid could, anything could happen to him. jim: there were smoke detectors in the home, but it isn' t clear if they were working properly. the parents and two teenage boys are in temporary housing. no one was hurt when a car ended up in an orange county retention pond this afternoon. chopper 2 was over the scene moments after it happened. this is at kirkman road and i-4 it' s one of the exits you' d take , to get to universal studios. orlando fire and rescue tell us everyone in the car got out safely. meredith: carol wick, the former ceo of harbor house, is suing her former employer . mark nation says he is representing wick at no cost to her. he says wick is suing for breach of contract and back wages which could come to about $200,000 . wick was fired as the leader of harbor house, a domestic abuse shelter. it shocked the community.
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gotten an anonymous complaint from an employee that she was mean to. meredith: nation says he is representing wick free because he feels like she did so much for the communnity and he feels like she is being bullied. jim: an orange county judge today rejected a motion by convicted isleworth murderer bob ward to be released on bond while awaiting a new trial. wesh 2' s bob kealing is at the orange county courthouse with reaction. bob: convicted isleworth murderer bob ward glanced towards his daughters upon entering the courtroom for today' s hearing. judge heather higbee sided with prosecutors who argued noone -- no one convicted of such a serious offense can be released on bond. judge heather higbee: the court finds it has jurisdiction and finds the defendant is not eligible for release under the applicable law. bob: that ruling means ward will remain incarcerated as he has for the last five years while judge' s february finding that ward deserves a new trial due to
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counsel. ward was convicted in the 2009 murder of his wife diane and today, ward' s daughter sarah told wesh 2 she is disappointed >> i want my father home. bob: his attorneys say their request for ward' s release is not over. craig gillen: today, the issue on bond that will be appealed. ,bob: wesh 2 legal analyst richard hornsby says it' s not s contention that ward' s status while they appeal a new trial should not change. richard hornsby: from a practical standpoint to let it be. bob: even if the state loses the challenge, a spokeswoman for state attorney general ashton says they have every intention of putting ward on trial again for second-degree murder. jim: ward has spent the last five years at a state prison in ocala. meredith: palm bay police have released 911 calls that followed a shooting at an easter egg hunt
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decided to shoot it out at the park, where an easter egg hunt was underway. the egg hunters were in the grass and the shooters were in the parking lot. two of the people connected to the shooting were hurt, and three cars were hit, but no easter egg hunters were hurt. dispatcher: about how many shots did you hear? caller: i heard like three and then it sounded like they came back around, and i heard like three more, maybe. meredith: police have interviewed the two that were hurt and are confident they will be able to make arrests soon. jim: new at 6:00, a 26-year-old eustis man is arrested after a car crash leaves a woman dead. he was put in jail on dui manslaughter charges. the highway patrol says michael chavis is involved in a crash that flipped over an suv, ejecting him and two other passengers. in 2009, chavis was sited for careless driving. he was released from jail after posting a $51,000 bond. the volusia county sheriff' s office says its deputies will soon start wearing body cameras. some will switch them on as early as next month, after county leaders agreed to buy more than 200 of them. cameras will eventually become
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patrol deputy. the cameras will cost $2.5 million, but taxpayers will not foot the bill. the money will instead come from cash seized during criminal investigations. meredith: orange county deputies are trying to figure out what was the motive for a late night shooting at a local apartment complex. one person was killed in the gunfire at the chowder bay apartments off south rio grand avenue. deputies say the 26-year-old victim died at the hospital. a man has been detained but it' s not clear if he has been charged. the victim' s name has not been released. a local man has been arrested, after leading an orlando police officer on a chase. the officer says he was headed to a report of a man shot in the arm this morning. on the way, he heard a description of the car that officers already on the scene were looking for, and moments later, the officer spotted it. the car eventually stopped, but a man got out and started running. he was later arrested, and identified as 24-year-old bakari mccant. so far, he' s not been charged in connection to the shooting. he is however accused of
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jim: a local woman with severe back pain says her needed medication was denied for an unusual reason. she says the walgreens on rock springs road in apopka denied her medication because she had her birth control files at a different walgreens last month. the pharmacy chain says patients should have all of their prescriptions killed in a single pharmacy pharmacy chain. she says it makes no sense. >> because i had my nonnarcotic, specifying the birth control, i have that filled at a different walgreens, so he would not be giving me the description. a different walgreens up the road did fill the prescription. walgreens would not comment specifically, but they said buying earth control at one location should not prevent you from buying pet medication -- pain medication at another.
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steady flow of people driving to the supervisor of elections office to pick up checks they hope won' t bounce this time . they hired a payroll vendor to cut the checks. however, the vendor failed to take the needed amount of money out of this revisor of elections account. >> you need this money. >> why? >> [laughter] >> do you need to pay the mortgage? >> i need to pay the mortgage. >> were you surprised when the check bounced? >> because yes, we work hard. meredith: it has been a rough week for the supervisor of elections. i' m prior tuesday, about a dozen places ran out of alan. jim: former presidential candidate marco rubio returned to capitol hill for the first time today since suspending his campaign. when asked about being a vice presidential candidate, he immediately struck it down. marco rubio: i' m not going to be anybody' s vice president. i' m just not interested in being , vice president. i don' t mean that in a disrespectful way. i' m not going to be vice president.
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florida. i' m going to finish out my term in the senate over the next 10 months. we' re going to work really hard here, and we have some things we ll be a private citizen in january. jim: so far rubio' s plans are return to a more private life after his senate term ends at the end of the year. an abortion bill that tightens regulations on florida abortion clinics is now sitting on governor rick scott' s desk. and opponents are calling on him to veto it. the bill would cut off state funding to those affiliated with planned parenthood. opponents say it would restrict access to a safe and legal abortion. supporters say they are confident governor rick scott will sign it. meredith: the son of legendary entertainer frank sinatra died in daytona beach last night. frank sinatra junior was to perform at the peabody last night but suffered a heart attack. he was in his hotel room when it happened. his life seemed like a movie and not only because of his famous father. when he was 19 years old he was kidnapped and held for ransom, only to be released. he would later become his father' s musical director and conductor.
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been inundated by fans emailing and calling expressing how sorry they are. big changes are coming to downtown orlando tonight thanks , to the i-4 ultimate project. jim: we' ll show you how the first major impact to motorists involves the 408. meredith: plus. spring breakers are out of control in central florida. what deputies are now doing after more than 100 people have been arrested. jim: and the pros have hit the links for the very first day of the arnold palmer invitational. coming up on wesh two news at 6:00 pat clark will show you , what' s going on in a live report from bay hill. tony: right now rain is north of bay hill, right here centered on oak hill and developing to the the way. the week. you're watching wesh 2 news at 6:00. reporter: i had for us tonight, conservatives meet that trump plan. we look at what is behind why more and more children are being rushed to ers with medicine
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announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. jim: drivers are certainly going to notice a big change in downtown orlando. meredith: it' s all to make room for the i-4 ultimate project. jim: wesh 2' s gail paschall-brown shows you what to expect after the orange avenue on-ramp to state road 408 westbound closes overnight. meredith: gail: 5400 vehicles use the westbound 408 on ramp at orange avenue daily in orlando, but listen up: things the ramp is moving here to division avenue not far away, just in time for friday morning commuters. jessica ottaviano: this is the first major thing that motorists are really seeing happen, and there much to come, at this interchange. it' s very intricate a complex interchange. gail: tonight, this wb 408 entrance ramp from orange avenue will be relocated to division avenue. why? state highway planners need room to build a new ramp for the future i-4/408 interchange. jessica ottaviano: you' re in the middle of downtown, you have
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surrounding you, so there is not much space to work. gail: it' s a short detour. though the new ramp is temporary motorists will be using it for the next three years. the new 408 westbound entrance ramp will be located about 4 blocks west of the current one. if you' re heading north on orange, you' ll take gore street to get to the new ramp off of division. if you' re heading south on orange avenue, you' ll take south to division and the new ramp location, which is just south of the amway center. the next major project will be down the road where workers will set steel beams for the kirkman road interchange. expect rolling road blocks to begin this sunday march 20 with with a test run from 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. then, four nights of actual operation from march 21 to march 24. that' s weather and schedule permitting. in orange county gail paschall-brown wesh two news. jim: these objects are all part of a larger $2.3 billion i-4 ultimate project. the plan is to rebuild 21 miles of interstate from kirkman road to 434. meredith: a rockledge woman is
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to 30 cats inside her home but s not much the city can do about it. the home less than a month ago. city law forbids more than four cats in a home at a time. but after the homeowner reimburse the county for the $2000 animals' care, she got them back. a county attorney said there' s no legal grounds to take away the cats permanently. that leaves the city unable to enforce its own law. >> i just don' t truly understand why they would have given them back to her if they knew anything about her situation. >> it' s not fair to the animals. animals can' t control the situation. she can. meredith: a county spokesman says the animals were not considered criminally neglected, and so had to be given back. new at 6:00, sarasota police officers got to start their day responding to a snake call . and when they got there, a four foot long boa constrictor was waiting for them. the officers worked together to catch the animal. the sarasota county sheriff' s
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jim: he is a little one. the volusia county beach patrol is bringing in reinforcements to deal with huge crowds of young people for spring break. a dozen or so sheriff' s deputies met with beach officers near the boardwalk today to learn about the problems encountered so far. there have been upwards of 120 arrests in the last two weeks and yesterday, an officer suffered a dislocated shoulder during a confrontation with a college student. booze is the biggest issue. >> they' re bringing it down here on the beach, a lot of them are that we didn' here on the beach, so we' giving them that opportunity to pour it out. jim: but sometimes alcohol is , leading to unruly behavior. and officers say students are trashing the beach with cups, cans, and bottles. next week, it will be college students and local high school students out for spring break. meredith: tony mainolfi is joining us now. i am sure a lot of other spring breakers are here with families. tony: here is the thing.
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we have not had a lot, so this is good news for us, not really for them. at least was warm for the first half of the day. trying to be positive. outside, here' s what is going on. we have a few clouds, couple showers, wind is calm. we have been dropping daytona beach since the first round of rain came through. look at the next slug of rain from interstate 75, a nice little line there. these lunar storms will be pushing back to ocala, dunnellon in the next half hour. the brain is about to end, so we will continue to focus on redick and winston and downtown ocala over the next hour or two. on the eastern side of the peninsula, beverly beach, flagler beach, the rain will be ending shortly. take a look at a1a and i-95
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a little outflow boundary has instigated more showers over i-95 just northwest of oak hill. seeing a few lightning strikes. we may get a few showers in waterford lakes, big fellow, wedgefield -- bithlo, wedgefield. today' s rainfall, this is unbelievably good news. north bunnell two inches of rain, palm coast 1.37, hammock dunes 1.28. models seem to be overdoing the amount of rainfall, but i do think we could see some rain especially along the outflow boundary as it merges with the east coast degrees. i don' t think it will be this intense of seven, 39:00. -- 7:00 to 9:00. were you see green, you are in the 60' s. the jell-o is the 70' s. we are still 80 to 85 in orlando
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in town with fall to 69. and daytona beach, melbourne about 72 by late evening tonight. 65 melbourne. the setup tomorrow, dislike much of the reign up north, so round two of bay hill, we will be in good shape. much cooler up north. spring training, we look at the braves and miami marlins, 83 degrees at 1:05 for that matchup. and there we look at saturday and sunday. saturday is the wettest of the remaining rounds here. by sunday, any rain will be early in the morning. let' s look at the weekend set up. here comes the front on saturday. they' ll across the peninsula late in the day, and then rain chances will be the highest. we are getting breezy, and then cooler.
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seven-day forecast. highest rain chances on saturday for round three. drier and cooler next week. eating of golf at bay hill, let' s check in with pat clarke. pat: hi, some of the best golfers in the world are playing at the arnold palmer invitational this week, and some the arnold palmer invitational. highlights and the leaderboard
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patrick pat: happy st. patrick' s day, round one of the 38th annual arnold palmer individuation all is underway, and things are quiet right now. five of the top eight-ranked golfers in the world are in the field this week, and some of them are going very low. let' s go to the highlights, and that does include justin rose, who does live here in orlando. playing the tough third as well as well as anyone can play it. second shot from the fairway and pin-seeking into the hole for an eagle. he' s 4-under after round one. chasing the other elite hewre this week. adam scott after a great
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hole for bird. scott shoots 67, looking for his thrid pga tour win in as many starts. henrik stenson just missed winning here last year, birdie the eighth hole. he is also five under par after shooting at 67. world number 2 rory mcilroy out in the afternoon wave. he is three over par after double-bogeyed his first hole. and we will hear from some of the other leaders. >> it is cool. playing fairly favorable to us this morning, no pushover at all . use are getting out of position, it will be very difficult over the week with going green. i am very happy. >> the green is running fewer and that ross is difficult, so you are going to have trouble. with these conditions, good
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pat: ok, and take a look at this very attractive leaderboard. a few golfers on the course, but no one is going to come close to jason day, who is it minus six. a few on the grounds here have forgotten the significance of this today. so many wearing green today, including a number of the golfers in the field, the one day of the year when you don' t have to be irish to be lucky like one. happy st. patrick' s day. ncasa tournament is underway as we begin a huge sports weekend. duke the 4-seed in the west have trouble shaking off 12th seed unc wilmington. seahawks lead this thing at halftime and never really went away. but ultimaltey, marhslal plumlee and grayson allen each scoring 23. blue devils advance, 93-85. many of you already heard about the big upset this afternoon,
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pictures of meredith: we have new invasion in ocoee. >> they had us all in the face
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jim: these are made by the victims after several men br oke into a home. and the wrong place at the wrong time, a car crashes into a pizza shop and it is all caught on camera. jim: the latest on cw 18 at 10:00 and wesh 2 news at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and ac developing news tonight. water wars. fireworks and finger pointing over who's to blame for the toxic crisis that has poisoned an american city. tonight, angry calls for an embattled governor as the epa head resigns. a storm of controversy forces the end of an era at sea world. what it means for the killer whales that made the tme park famous. hitting the brakes. a major announcement about life-saving technology. your car taking control, stopping a crash before it happens. sounding the alarm about a surge in kids rushed to the e.r. after swallowing adult


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